The aims of Church are to:

  • Tell people about the love of God.  
  • To  demonstrate that love by showing care to those in need
  • To provide opportunities to worship God.
  • To explore and demonstrate ways to follow Christ and promote God’s rule in contemporary society


The Church attempts to fulfill these aims by:

  • Having well organized and meaningful services of worship each Sunday and on special Christian dates.
  • Providing services of baptism, marriage, and funeral.
  • Helping those in need, especially by fundraising for charitable purposes.
  • Maintaining an orderly and welcoming building that can be used by other organizations.
  • *Giving children the opportunity to learn about the Christian faith, through Junior Church;  and adults the chance to explore their faith through house groups, and meetings on church premises.
  • Working with other Christian Churches in the locality (through joint services and activities).


*AT The minute St Johns doesn’t have a Junior Church but with time is hoping to start one